Why We Need Space Clearing


We all need space clearing in our lives much more than we know.  The benefits are multitudinous.  Yet we live in a world where big ticket items like homes, apartments, businesses, to cars, furniture, computers, beds and clothes are passed from one to another with little thought of who the previous owner(s) may have been and what type of residues have been impressed on that which they leave behind.

It is a known fact in much of the world, that before moving into a new space, rituals of cleansing are necessary.  They call on the services of the spiritually minded one of the community to cleanse, discharge the old patterns and prepare the space for the new occupants.

What western society fails to realize generally, especially here in the United States, is how thoughts, emotions, actions, quantifiable over time especially when strong, impress themselves on structures and have great affect on those who later occupy that same space.  There are many examples of these effects on people.

We experience it most readily when we use hotel or motel rooms.  The energy residues within these spaces are strong because of the transience, and if not careful can have you feeling or thinking in ways that you are unaccustomed, and doing things out of character.  It is not you, it is your reaction to what went on there before.

We are empathic creatures, which is why when someone notorious is an accident or transcends, we all feel it in some fashion.  We pass someone and feel their anger or sadness.  It is why we will hear the statement about an energy in a room, “you could have cut it with a knife”.

There are many examples of happy couples buying a home or renting an apartment wherein the previous owners were divorcing.  Inside of 2-3 years the marriage begins to show strain if unaddressed leading to divorce.  Feng Shui the Chinese tradition of place and energy teaches that it takes 3 years for the energies called chi of previous owners to saturate and affect the lives of the next occupants.   As well there are so many examples of illness in a home that affecting the line of new occupants.  My mother and father bought a home when I was much younger that they loved.  A beautiful large tudor it was everything my mother ever wanted.  The previous owner had been a contractor and had updated the kitchen nicely, but his wife was ill.  My parents stayed there many years, my father experienced a stroke and my mother died in that home.

The importance of having one who is trained with a sensitive eye and ability to sense cannot be overstressed.  It can save your life and that of your loved ones from undue stress and hardships.

Lastly, I share a story that happened to me about 15 years ago, perhaps that will make you a believer if you still have doubts.  I had traveled to Mexico with my Teacher to assist her with a client in that I understood and spoke the language fairly well.
Within an hour of entering the clients home I became severely ill, so much so I had to lay down.  Next thing I had a fever with sweats, totally uncharacteristic for me.  I had little control of the matter and had to acquiesce and sleep.  I dreamt of the room I was in, and an old short gentleman in suite with white hair laying in the bed as I watched, he was dead and a coffin was in the room.

I remembered the dream clearly when I awakened and asked the owners if that room had belonged to the grandfather.  Indeed it had.  He had died in that room, in that bed.  When I awakened the fever was gone, but I had been given a piece of information that I would not have had otherwise.

The benefits of space clearing are better health, clarity of mind, less confusion, and frustration, loss of weight, and the ability to focus on what is important for your life.

There are many ways of approaching space clearing.  I will discuss some of the best ways in my next blog.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Lyratah Barrett


About Lyratah

Lyratah has studied many spiritual paths and traditions for over 30 years. Through meditation and personal disciplines with her life long teacher Shakmah Winddrum and other spiritual teachers, she has evolved and deepened. For over seven years Lyratah has been teaching on the topics of Ageless Wisdom and meditative practices at New Seed Sanctuary in Lansdowne, PA where she serves as teacher and Director. An ongoing series of courses are offered throughout the year, as well as study groups, support groups, counseling sessions and meditation classes. As a trained ceremonialist and minister, Lyratah offers her services as an officiant for weddings, civil unions, funerals and rites of passage. Private counseling sessions are available by appointment. Lyratah is warm, caring, and engaged with people. She sees everyone as an expression of the Divine, each having an important piece and part to share. “Allow me to assist you to find your Light that it may Shine Brightly.”
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