Leading The Way


Learn not to second guess yourself.

The first idea coming to mind  is the instruction you say you so desire, a message being given.  Yet you who have not learned our way of communication, still mar, confuse, disrupt our messages with your fears and doubts.  While you are given the choice to hear and adhere or question and disconnect from our instructions and messages, it is true that choice is a designed to teach you to move from doubts to absolute knowing and certainty.   You are taking much too long in your lessons on how to listen and manage our instructions.  You are not learning from your lessons.  You are not discerning with accuracy.  You are as yet unaware in acknowledging how you are guided in every step.

Knowing your steadfast desire to orient yourself to us,  for solidifying and making strong divine connection, your birthright, we always seek to strengthen the link, the bridge between us.   As with all things there is intention in the quickening of the pace, therefore each step in your day, in your direction and in your work must be purposeful if you are to be counted upon and useful.

There must be efficiency in your actions and purpose in your word and work.  Be accountable by acknowledging and acting upon those ideas and thoughts that seemingly appear from no where.  Be accountable by knowing our energy and vibration, our tone and signature.  Be accountable by your acting on what you hear without ego.  Be willing to give to, forgive, let go of, support, surrender to , share with, be free of anything or anyone to whom the instruction may apply.

The strengthening of your hearing and knowing your connection to God within, is totally dependent on your willingness to live connected.  Doubt and fear are doorways to knew levels. Be willing to embrace whatever arises.  Waste no time in self judgment or being critical.  Become aware of the feelings that are presiding to understand them and know them.  The sense of weakness is caused more often by a contracting within, avoiding, not wanting to face what has brought you to this point.  Knowing thyself can only come when facing in courage one’s inner world.  One will never learn one’s self in hiding.


About Lyratah

Lyratah has studied many spiritual paths and traditions for over 30 years. Through meditation and personal disciplines with her life long teacher Shakmah Winddrum and other spiritual teachers, she has evolved and deepened. For over seven years Lyratah has been teaching on the topics of Ageless Wisdom and meditative practices at New Seed Sanctuary in Lansdowne, PA where she serves as teacher and Director. An ongoing series of courses are offered throughout the year, as well as study groups, support groups, counseling sessions and meditation classes. As a trained ceremonialist and minister, Lyratah offers her services as an officiant for weddings, civil unions, funerals and rites of passage. Private counseling sessions are available by appointment. Lyratah is warm, caring, and engaged with people. She sees everyone as an expression of the Divine, each having an important piece and part to share. “Allow me to assist you to find your Light that it may Shine Brightly.”
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