Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki Teaching Sept. 13-15

Greetings to Old Friends and Friends to Be!

For those we see yearly we hope you all are well, and to those we will be meeting for the first time, we look forward to connecting with you.

New Seed Sanctuary is happy to announce Dolores’s topic for this year, The Nephilim: Fallen Angels or Divine Teachers?, taking place the second weekend in September (see the flyer below).  This workshop does not require previous knowledge in order to attend.

While New Seed Sanctuary’s website is being updated we want to get this information out to you the earliest possible knowing many make decisions far in advance.  Space is limited.  We suggest you register early.


©2012 D.Ashcroft-Nowicki

ImageThere is no spiritual subject more fiercely contested than that of the Nephilim. It has been the theme of many books some written by those with a spiritual axe to grind and some by novelists who see it as a money-maker.

It says a lot about the human mind that the darker the theme of a book, the better it sells. As human beings we are aware of the two sides to our nature and are curious about the darker side. This tells us there is mystery to be solved.

 The Bible version on the Nephilim is a mixture of myth, folktales and oral tradition passed from mouth to ear over thousands of years. Religion has come down heavily on the “demonic” side of the tale. The lunatic fringe go for the alien explanation and a few have tried to look at the argument from the point of view of a Cosmic Balancing act involving both the spiritual and the physical.

This weekend I offer my own version.

Basically the question is this:

1)Did Lucifer really fall and take half of Heavens angelic population with him? Or

2) WasThe Fall a deliberate sacrifice designed to offer Humanity a personal choice between Good and Evil.  Or

3) Were the Nephilim a race/species of humans far in advance of our own, perhaps survivors, remnants of a civilization that had crumbled or aliens who took the opportunity to give a potentially intelligent species a boost up the evolutionary ladder?

Why, if they were evil, as told by the Bible, did they teach humanity so many useful things? Humanity, having learnt all those useful things promptly killed off their teachers… so did they learn anything about Good and Evil, or for that matter Gratitude?

Why does the entire Mediterranean and even further afield teem with stories about strange beings turning up to teach humanity things that enabled them to survive and evolve?

Why does a two inch fragment of the Dead Sea Scrolls speak of  “The Wise Ones who walked the earth teaching Men the art of Metal?”

Did these teachers, angels, or whatever, establish bloodlines that created geniuses even up to our own time?

It is time to question 2000 years of propaganda!


About Lyratah

Lyratah has studied many spiritual paths and traditions for over 30 years. Through meditation and personal disciplines with her life long teacher Shakmah Winddrum and other spiritual teachers, she has evolved and deepened. For over seven years Lyratah has been teaching on the topics of Ageless Wisdom and meditative practices at New Seed Sanctuary in Lansdowne, PA where she serves as teacher and Director. An ongoing series of courses are offered throughout the year, as well as study groups, support groups, counseling sessions and meditation classes. As a trained ceremonialist and minister, Lyratah offers her services as an officiant for weddings, civil unions, funerals and rites of passage. Private counseling sessions are available by appointment. Lyratah is warm, caring, and engaged with people. She sees everyone as an expression of the Divine, each having an important piece and part to share. “Allow me to assist you to find your Light that it may Shine Brightly.”
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