Leading The Way


Learn not to second guess yourself.

The first idea coming to mind  is the instruction you say you so desire, a message being given.  Yet you who have not learned our way of communication, still mar, confuse, disrupt our messages with your fears and doubts.  While you are given the choice to hear and adhere or question and disconnect from our instructions and messages, it is true that choice is a designed to teach you to move from doubts to absolute knowing and certainty.   You are taking much too long in your lessons on how to listen and manage our instructions.  You are not learning from your lessons.  You are not discerning with accuracy.  You are as yet unaware in acknowledging how you are guided in every step.

Knowing your steadfast desire to orient yourself to us,  for solidifying and making strong divine connection, your birthright, we always seek to strengthen the link, the bridge between us.   As with all things there is intention in the quickening of the pace, therefore each step in your day, in your direction and in your work must be purposeful if you are to be counted upon and useful.

There must be efficiency in your actions and purpose in your word and work.  Be accountable by acknowledging and acting upon those ideas and thoughts that seemingly appear from no where.  Be accountable by knowing our energy and vibration, our tone and signature.  Be accountable by your acting on what you hear without ego.  Be willing to give to, forgive, let go of, support, surrender to , share with, be free of anything or anyone to whom the instruction may apply.

The strengthening of your hearing and knowing your connection to God within, is totally dependent on your willingness to live connected.  Doubt and fear are doorways to knew levels. Be willing to embrace whatever arises.  Waste no time in self judgment or being critical.  Become aware of the feelings that are presiding to understand them and know them.  The sense of weakness is caused more often by a contracting within, avoiding, not wanting to face what has brought you to this point.  Knowing thyself can only come when facing in courage one’s inner world.  One will never learn one’s self in hiding.

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The Fixer

Several recent experiences have brought to light an awareness of an inner need to “fix” things, people, relationships, broken things, someone at a major fork in the road, outlooks. I’ve always had a need to make things okay in the lives of those I care about, as well as those I may not know at all. A savior complex, one might call it.

Early in my childhood, after being told I could not take ballet lessons, I decided healing people and caring for others was a noble career. I wanted to be a nurse and wear that wonderful nurse outfit with the starched white folded cap as they wore in those days. Even though I loved the garb that was not what drew me to this profession; rather what and how they gave that attracted me. The work was honorable and necessary. In caring for others you were giving of self, and you were a part of something bigger than self, and people were healed. This was my first inkling of a desire to fix things, and it has remained for the majority of my life until recently.

I came face to face with my need to fix things most recentlywhen speaking with a friend about his most recent awareness. Over the years we have found ourselves having parallel life lessons while living in different continents. Usually we are not aware that we are going through similar situations until sometime after the events have past, when one can finally put the experience into words. As he shared, I listened and thought to share a point of view from my perspective, thinking it may assist him.

I quickly was made aware that my perspective and opinion had no place in the conversation when he responded by saying; “but what you are saying is not helping me”. “In fact, I am not getting anything from it”.

I swallowed my pride and got quiet wanting to figure out, did I miss something in what he was saying or is there something missing in the conversation. He added, after a lengthy pause, “you know when I tell you these things, I am not telling you for you to say any thing, because the answer is something I need to realize for myself. I am sharing with you because I just want to share and possibly in sharing I will realize it or get closer to it.”

Where had I heard that before?

This was not the first time I heard a comeback like that. It was my teacher who on a few occasions let me know that she did not need me to help her realize anything when in those subtle periods of deep transition. Of course she didn’t, she was the teacher. At the time I was too young, ignorant and haughty, to accept that the statement was designed to let me know that the field of knowing accessible to her was not my territory at the time. It felt like a smack down to me.

From my perspective, sharing was about a give and take, a random sharing of perspectives between two or more people to be able to see things in new ways with the hope of achieving new realizations.

It was a singular event.

I realized my friend, like my teacher, both Gemini’s by the way, relied strongly on their inner guidance, and shunned external assistance when going through a process. It was a singular event and did not include opinions of others.

I was faced in that moment with a choice in my reaction, to understand and be open or to feel rejected and shut down. I have, on more than one occasion experienced major shifts or turning points in the lives of those close to me as a possible loss of friendship. My limited idea of friendship, I now realize, was based on an unspoken agreement, a set of shared viewpoints, likes and dislikes, similar perspectives, that did not take into account that we grow up, change, expand, shift. I have had to learn that friendship requires one to hold space for the other while they go through the necessary metamorphosis required by deep growth and evolution.

My lack of understanding as to the needs of my teacher and friend in those moments of deep transition, were skewed by a fear of losing our mental-emotional-spiritual connection, the shared agreements upon which I felt our friendship was based and through which it had grown over the years.

I was at choice as I listened and navigated this conversation with my friend; unfortunately I chose to keep talking, posing different angles as though he was not hearing me. Perhaps it was the language barrier since English is not his first language. Instead, I created a disconnect and our conversation ended at an impasse. I knew I had to let go and allow him to shift into his next level on his own. I felt I had done him a disservice, that I had not heard him or helped him. It never occurred to me, as hard headed as I sometimes can be, that there was nothing to do but to say, I hear you. I understand.

How am I a fixer?

As a fixer by nature, I was the one who brought out the hammer or the screw driver to fix something, the one who figured out how things worked. I was always the one who could see or hear a weakening in a joint or door hinge and brought out the W-D 40 lubricant, or felt the loosening of tension in something. I fancied at an earlier time in my life whittling things out of wood, being a carpenter or sculpting from clay, perhaps past life accomplishments that I recall.

Perhaps it’s conditioning

When very young my father’s voice would fill me with fear as he bellowed my name authoritatively, as he was want to do. Lin-n-D-A-H, his voice always went up at the end of that call as though he was asking a question instead of calling my name. Where is the so an so!? I would put my head down immediately, striding around the rooms in search of what he needed. I was about 6-7 years old. It didn’t matter that I may not know where it was, the goal was to find it. On several occasions I would catch him laughing quietly to himself, throwing glances at my Mom as he watched me scurrying to come up with whatever he needed. My goal was to avoid pain, find it quickly, so he did not feel the need to unleash his belt in one fell swoop from his waist to give a lashing for something we as kids must have done.

Through Mindfulness training I am seeing and shifting…

Through Mindfulness Training I am learning the importance of “allowing things to be just as they are”, watching my internal reactions to exterior and interior stimuli as well as my motivations. In a recent meditation, I was able to see how this need to help “fix” people may come at times from a fear of loss. Fixing things allows me to keep relying on something. Fixing things keeps things working. The status quo is maintained. Patch it up and make it stand even when its nature is to no longer be.

I am learning now to let go and trust, that if something is going to be, it will be. My grasping to hold onto something that is in the process of shifting is not necessary. A door closes only for another to open. By allowing everything to be as it is, I create spaciousness for others to be, for things to shift on their own, and an inner neutrality where I can let go, trusting that what needs to be realized, will , in its own time with no agendas or it won’t and that’s okay too.

Secondly, I have learned that when difficulties arise be still, breathe into it, watch the thoughts the mind creates and the feelings within the emotional body and realize that they are just that. The mind is simply doing its thing, that of being fixated on something, anything. Breathing opens us up, contracting shuts us down, makes us brittle, impermeable. Focusing on the breath allows us to stay open to make clearer decisions through expansiveness rather than operating from mechanical, emotional, stressful mind, often limited and shallow in thinking. In this way we peel away the unnecessary layers of ourselves allowing for greater clarity at every turn, helping one to better fulfill the maxim Know Thyself.

This increased awareness connects us directly with the God within where we are able to build that inner dialogue and grow with true wisdom from the inside out.

Lyratah teaches Mindfulness Meditation classes regularly. A new beginners series starts Mon. June 10 at 10:30am. Each series includes three classes 90 minutes in length.

Cost for the series is $100.

. For more information email lyratah@newseedsanctuary.org orlyratah@gmail.com or call 610-622-1245

Discover the power of silence and the benevolence of living a life of radical acceptance.

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Upcoming Events



Saturday, June 29, 2013

11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Taught by Lyratah

Do you find yourself wavering with your footing in your life?

We all do at various points in life. It is the ebb and flow of living. The key is to assess what actually stands below the instability. What is the root cause?

Meaning and purpose give us life’s drive and direction but what to do when suddenly that engine appears to stall?

For some life is a dynamic place of limitless creation where everything touched bears fruit, for others life is a school of experiences from which we learn according to our needs, our ray, or planetary connections. Still for others it is a veritable fixed line from point A to point B, with little variation and coloring in between. There are those like the young women just found after a decade in Cleveland, Ohio, life can be a series of tragedies causing one to question life’s purpose and one’s place here for long periods.

Periodic questioning is healthy, it may indicate a point of radical change. If we can look behind the appearances, we get to see the true essence of things and can understand how life requires recalibration and shifting.

We are always at various points of being and becoming.

In this workshop we will attempt to make space for the new ways of being rekindling the fire of creativity in our lives We will open through meditation to connect with that inner place, that limitless reservoir where answers do come.

Through sharing we will bond together opening doorways of understanding and realization, giving us greater perspective into our lives and those around us.

We will create greater clarity within and powerful statements of intention for our visions going forward.

Come to deepen into parts of you awaiting your awareness and attention.

Please bring journal/pen/water bottle.

To register or to inquire further, please contact Lyratah at 610-622-1245 or email lyratah@gmail.com

As Space is limited, please register early!

Donation: $65

For more information contact Lyratah at 215.901.9269 or 610.622.1245,

or by email lyratah@gmail.com.

Space is limited, so please register now!

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Spiritual Clearings

Are You Oppressed by the energy of your home?

Sapce Clearing

Perhaps it’s time for a


 A Natural Experience using Ancient Formulas for Healing Solutions

 Just as a house needs a spring cleaning, periodically it also needs clearings to restore  the harmony of your space to bring about:

  • Rejuvenation
  • Purification
  • Healing
  • Relieve Stress
  • Personal Growth and Development
  • Good Relationships
  • Creativity
  • Happiness

We are the real deal, trained to sense, see, and know how to clear all areas, lands, workspaces, nurseries, therapeutic areas.  No space too big.

Over 25 years experience.

Call Las Tres Amigas


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Why We Need Space Clearing


We all need space clearing in our lives much more than we know.  The benefits are multitudinous.  Yet we live in a world where big ticket items like homes, apartments, businesses, to cars, furniture, computers, beds and clothes are passed from one to another with little thought of who the previous owner(s) may have been and what type of residues have been impressed on that which they leave behind.

It is a known fact in much of the world, that before moving into a new space, rituals of cleansing are necessary.  They call on the services of the spiritually minded one of the community to cleanse, discharge the old patterns and prepare the space for the new occupants.

What western society fails to realize generally, especially here in the United States, is how thoughts, emotions, actions, quantifiable over time especially when strong, impress themselves on structures and have great affect on those who later occupy that same space.  There are many examples of these effects on people.

We experience it most readily when we use hotel or motel rooms.  The energy residues within these spaces are strong because of the transience, and if not careful can have you feeling or thinking in ways that you are unaccustomed, and doing things out of character.  It is not you, it is your reaction to what went on there before.

We are empathic creatures, which is why when someone notorious is an accident or transcends, we all feel it in some fashion.  We pass someone and feel their anger or sadness.  It is why we will hear the statement about an energy in a room, “you could have cut it with a knife”.

There are many examples of happy couples buying a home or renting an apartment wherein the previous owners were divorcing.  Inside of 2-3 years the marriage begins to show strain if unaddressed leading to divorce.  Feng Shui the Chinese tradition of place and energy teaches that it takes 3 years for the energies called chi of previous owners to saturate and affect the lives of the next occupants.   As well there are so many examples of illness in a home that affecting the line of new occupants.  My mother and father bought a home when I was much younger that they loved.  A beautiful large tudor it was everything my mother ever wanted.  The previous owner had been a contractor and had updated the kitchen nicely, but his wife was ill.  My parents stayed there many years, my father experienced a stroke and my mother died in that home.

The importance of having one who is trained with a sensitive eye and ability to sense cannot be overstressed.  It can save your life and that of your loved ones from undue stress and hardships.

Lastly, I share a story that happened to me about 15 years ago, perhaps that will make you a believer if you still have doubts.  I had traveled to Mexico with my Teacher to assist her with a client in that I understood and spoke the language fairly well.
Within an hour of entering the clients home I became severely ill, so much so I had to lay down.  Next thing I had a fever with sweats, totally uncharacteristic for me.  I had little control of the matter and had to acquiesce and sleep.  I dreamt of the room I was in, and an old short gentleman in suite with white hair laying in the bed as I watched, he was dead and a coffin was in the room.

I remembered the dream clearly when I awakened and asked the owners if that room had belonged to the grandfather.  Indeed it had.  He had died in that room, in that bed.  When I awakened the fever was gone, but I had been given a piece of information that I would not have had otherwise.

The benefits of space clearing are better health, clarity of mind, less confusion, and frustration, loss of weight, and the ability to focus on what is important for your life.

There are many ways of approaching space clearing.  I will discuss some of the best ways in my next blog.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Lyratah Barrett

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